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Koffler Gallery’s education programs help students expand their creativity, develop their visual literacy and sharpen their communication skills. Interactive gallery tours prompt students to analyse the formal aspects and meaning of artworks, enabling them to share their own interpretations while gaining understanding of the intentions of artists. Tours are followed by in-gallery art-making workshops inspired by the works in the exhibition, giving students the opportunity to express their views of the world around them and their personal feelings, experiences and ideas.

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Summer 2017

Continuing a critical examination of history and heritage in the context of Canada’s 2017 celebration, the Koffler Gallery presents a summer solo exhibition of works by Mary Anne Barkhouse. Currently based in Minden, Ontario, Barkhouse belongs to the Nimpkish band, Kwakiutl First Nation, and comes from a long line of internationally recognized Northwest Coast artists.

Using the visual iconography of animals to engage with environmental and indigenous issues, Barkhouse explores the impact of colonization on the First Nations and the alliances made and betrayed amongst Indigenous people, settlers and the animal world. She situates her work between the two worlds of the human and the natural, employing the beaver, owl, wolf and coyote as symbols of the ability to adapt and persist, regenerate and repair throughout endless intrusions into their environments.






Mary Anne Barkhouse: Le rêve aux loups
June 22 – August 20, 2017
Full exhibition details here.

The 150 Perspective

This year’s summer programming encourages kids and youth to think critically about Canada’s history and future. An interactive gallery tour will guide participants in exploring the work of Mary Anne Barkhouse while learning about the ways the Canadian territory has changed. After the tour, participants will form small groups to brainstorm together and list as many ideas as possible about the ways in which Canada’s landscape has changed within the last 150 years. Once this exercise is completed, they will be asked to consider the ways in which Canada’s landscape could change if they were to be able to see it 150 years from today. Students will end the activity by drawing their visions of what Canada will look like 150 years into the future. If the weather permits, students will draw their images outdoors in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Post-tour activity (weather permitting)

Once the tour is completed, students will go outside to see Mary Anne Barkhouse’s outdoor installation on the roof of Lucky Penny General Store and Café. This is followed by a game of Bobcats, Grass, and Mice at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Participants will break up into three groups: bobcats, grass and mice. The goal of the mice is to tag the grass since mice eat grass. The bobcats will aim to tag the mice, since bobcats eat mice. The grass players will tag the bobcats because bobcats provide nutrients to the grass when they die. If players are tagged, they become the next species in the chain. Players will be stopped periodically to determine the balance of each species. If there are too many mice and not enough grass, the mice have more competition for the grass that is available. The game will follow up with a discussion about the ways in which balance impacts real plants and animals.

The objective of this activity is to build a personal connection with the land and foster land stewardship.


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