About the Koffler Gallery Education Program

Koffler Gallery’s education programs help students expand their creativity, develop their visual literacy and sharpen their communication skills. Interactive gallery tours prompt students to analyse the formal aspects and meaning of artworks, enabling them to share their own interpretations while gaining understanding of the intentions of artists. Tours are followed by in-gallery art-making workshops inspired by the works in the exhibition, giving students the opportunity to express their views of the world around them and their personal feelings, experiences and ideas.


Grades 1-6
$5 per student | 2.5 hours

Nicole Collins’ artistic practice focuses on the effect of time, accumulation, force and heat on visceral materials, through painting, drawing, installation, intervention, video, and sound. She is an interdisciplinary artist whose painting practice employs various mediums such as encaustic, wax, pigment, shreds of burlap, and sculptural jute twine.

Activity Option 1:  Students will be guided through Nicole Collins’ exhibition, with an emphasis on colour theory and the use of colour in her work, as well as the alchemical themes explored by the artist. After discussing the psychological and emotional affects associated with colour, and the transformative potential of materials, students will then have the opportunity to explore these ideas further taking a hands-on approach. Using common household items, students will come to understand how colour and matter transform by way of physical and chemical processes, creating various substances such as slime, sludge, play-dough and ice cream!

Activity Option 2: After a tour of Nicole Collins’ exhibition Furthest Boundless, the Education Team will discuss the art historical movement Arte Povera, highlighting examples by artists who have utilized found objects and organic materials in their works. Students will then be given time to create mixed media art pieces, utilizing a similar working modality as Collins’ and the Arte Povera artists. Students will produce artworks employing a combination of traditional art mediums and found objects collected during a walk through Trinity Bellwoods Park and the surrounding neighbourhood. Participating students are also encouraged to bring their own recyclable items to be used in their artworks.

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Grades 9-12
FREE | 2 hours

Students are invited to view multi-disciplinary artist Nicole Collins’ exhibition Furthest Boundless which explores the struggle between grief and acceptance, gravity and grace in a new series of paintings, video works, and a sound installation.

The one inevitable event amongst all humans is death. We are all born and we all die, yet in contemporary Western culture discussions of mortality are often avoided. However, there is a history of observing and reflecting upon the arrival of death within arts through Memento Mori—which translates to ‘remember death’. In addition to discussions around Nicole Collins’ work, students will be given the opportunity to learn about the prevalence of Memento Mori throughout the history of art, and how artistic illustrations of this ideology have shifted along with technological advancements.

After the lecture, students will continue to ‘remember death’ in a safe and cathartic space, as they discuss the idea of commemoration and mourning practices across cultures, and the ways in which technology and social media affect the way we as a society now interact with death.

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