About the Koffler Gallery Education Program

Koffler Gallery’s education programs help students expand their creativity, develop their visual literacy and sharpen their communication skills. Interactive gallery tours prompt students to analyze the formal aspects and meaning of artworks, enabling them to share their own interpretations while gaining understanding of the intentions of artists. Tours are followed by in-gallery art-making workshops inspired by the works in the exhibition, giving students the opportunity to express their views of the world around them and their personal feelings, experiences and ideas.


PUBLIC PROGRAMS  | June 20 – August 18, 2019
FREE | 20 minutes – 2 hours

Tour (20 minutes)
A tour of the immersive exhibition Peter’s Proscenium led by the Public Engagement and Education team. In this new project, Japanese/British painter Christian Hidaka and French sculptor Raphael Zarka expand their ongoing dialogue around the connected histories of scientific, philosophical and artistic invention. Inspired by the historical architecture and original use of the Koffler Gallery space—a former elementary school library—Zarka and Hidaka create a mural painting and sculpture installation that invites us to explore different ways of representing space and reality, playing with inconsistencies and encouraging a plurality of views.

Workshop Option 1: Theatrical Narratives (Tour + Activity 1.5 – 2 hours)
Peter’s Proscenium is inspired by the former use of the Koffler Gallery space. Before its renovation, the space included a theatrical stage framed by an arched proscenium. Drawing from this historical architecture, Christian Hidaka and Raphael Zarka reveal the buried vestiges of the stage through their mural painting and sculpture installation, reinvesting the space with a sense of drama. In this workshop, participants will be asked to create their own narratives based on the theatrical nature of the artwork, imagining the exhibition as a set for an unfolding play. Participants will develop a storyboard to visualize their narrative, including elements from the exhibition in their stories as props or characters. Afterwards, they will have the opportunity to share their stories with their peers.

Workshop Option 2: Imagine & Build (Tour + Activity 1.5 – 2 hours)
Peter’s Proscenium references polyhedrons: three-dimensional geometric shapes with multiple plane faces that were explored through drawing by Renaissance artists who rediscovered the geometry theories of Ancient Greek mathematicians. In this exhibition, Zarka translated these hypothetical bodies from drawings into actual physical sculptures. This workshop will imitate Zarka’s process of transforming an imagined polyhedron into a material sculpture. Participants will work in pairs, with one participant imagining and drawing a three-dimensional body, while the other attempts to build the shape into a physical structure using clay or cardboard.

Participants will be given the opportunity to explore and discuss the human obsession with comprehending the physical world through math and science, imagining and reimagining, breaking down and building back up.

Workshop Option 3: Mindfulness Exercise (Tour + Activity 1 – 1.5 hours)
Galleries and museums are often spaces inviting reflection and meditation; museum visits have even been prescribed by health professionals to treat a number of health issues. Inspired by the former library in which the Koffler Gallery is now located, the space is transfigured into another contemplative space resembling a peaceful courtyard.

This workshop will incorporate mindfulness activities and the production of art allowing participants to focus on a single task and enter a meditative state. Participants will be given a number of prompts for inspiration to create artwork using a number of crafts.

For more information on the Koffler Gallery public programs and tours, please contact:

Patricia Ritacca
Public Engagement Coordinator, Koffler Gallery
647.925.0643 x221

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