Walk begins: Northeast corner of the Bloor Street Viaduct
Download the audio: www.koffler.digital/lazarosdream

Taking its inspiration from Michael Ondaatje’s In The Skin Of a Lion, Lazaro’s Dream is an audio walk like no other. History and fiction are artfully assembled into a surreal dreamscape that carries the listener along from the east side of the Bloor Street Viaduct through part of the Danforth neighbourhood and down to Riverdale Park. The piece unfolds slowly like a wandering hallucination. Memories of Toronto are fused together with original fiction and archival reimaginings, leaving the listener casually drifting through a hundred years of regional history. Scattered throughout the walk fragments of Ondaaje’s iconic text seem to float up to the surface of perception guiding the listener along through the murky world of Lazaro’s Dream.

Lazaro’s Dream was launched with a public walk in October of 2016. These photos were taken at the walk, and feature the surprise poster art of archival photos that the artists distributed throughout the route.