Wednesday, August 7, 2019 | 6 – 8 PM | FREE
Koffler Gallery
Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street

Featuring Benjamin De Boer, Philip Nozuka, Fan Wu, Ami Xherro

We invite you to a picnic under the oblique shadowed agora of Christian Hidaka and Raphäel Zarka’s exhibition PETER’S PROSCENIUM at the Koffler Gallery. Enjoy cheese & wine where reality warps and savour the new practices of four Toronto artists. These site-specific performances respond and reflect – tangentially or explicitly – with Hidaka & Zarka’s perspective-bending installation. Drinks and snacks will be provided; this event is free to attend. BYOPB (bring your own picnic blanket).

BENJAMIN DE BOER is the attempted domestication of the thing that enjoys itself. They will be dowsing for water guided by cyranoid relay.

PHILIP NOZUKA shall share with us an interdisciplinary-multimedia piece, Proof of Existence: a how-to tutorial on the absurdities of invention.

FAN WU unearths a Pandora’s time capsule from the far-flung future filled with hot scholarly debates about what the precise use and meaning of Peter’s Proscenium might have been…

Last night I dreamt I was sitting at the head of a long dinner table. My right arm was heavy. My chest felt warm. My heartbeat calm and regular…. Hypnotic induction is a necessary component of hypnosis, and AMI XHERRO invites you to circuit.

Hope to see you (from a vast infinitude of angles) there!

Presented together with the Koffler Gallery Summer Exhibition, PETER’S PROSCENIUM.

Image: Christian Hidaka and Raphaël Zarka, Peter’s Proscenium, 2019. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid.