Sunday, November 8, 2015 | 2 PM | FREE
Begins at College Street and Manning Avenue (at the Fugitive Pieces Bookmark)

What is The Slow Now?

Produced in partnership with Project Bookmark Canada (with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation) and The Koffler Centre of the Arts, The Slow Now is a free, downloadable audio tour of Little Italy that uses Anne Michael’s iconic novel Fugitive Pieces as its foundation. Download the MP3 to your smartphone, get thee to Little Italy, and simply press play. Produced by Angela Shackel of Lipstick Studios, the audio will guide you through a narrative, lyrical, and imaginative experience of the neighbourhood. The rich history of Little Italy, the rich tapestry of the novel, and a new original narration by Mark Mann will be voiced by local figures and Anne Michaels herself. The experience may or may not include some surprises and a hidden gem or two.

Download The Slow Now audio walk!

What is The Slow Now Public Audio Walk? 

On November 8, we invite the public to gather in Little Italy to celebrate the launch of The Slow Now. Come with the walk downloaded to your smartphone. As a group, we will all press play at the same time, and share in the intimate experience that The Slow Now offers. We will be joined by the artists and producers of The Slow Now who will reveal the easter eggs hidden in the experience, many of which will exist for that day only!

You can download The Slow Now for free, as well as explore a host of visual Slow Now content created by Braden Labonte here.

No RSVP is required. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

What is Project Bookmark Canada?

Project Bookmark Canada is an organization that places text from stories and poems in the exact Canadian locations where literary scenes take place. The Bookmark for Anne Michaels’ internationally award-winning novel Fugitive Pieces was installed in 2010. It’s one of three Bookmarks in Toronto, and 15 Bookmarks across the country. Visit Project Bookmark Canada [link to our site, please] to discover other Bookmarks and to learn how you can help build Canada’s literary trail.

Download The Slow Now audio walk!