The Vine Awards for Canadian Jewish Literature recognize ebooks, graphic novels, digital storytelling and a variety of media in five categories:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry* (awarded every 3 years)
  • Children’s/Young Adult Literature
  • History

Submissions for the 2020 Vine Awards for Canadian Jewish Literature – for books published in 2019 – are now open. DEADLINE: FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2020



  1. Writer must be Canadian (permanent resident or citizen) OR the submission must have significant Canadian content.
  2. Writer must be Jewish OR the submission must have significant Jewish content.
  3. Submission must have been released to the public in the previous calendar year
  4. Submissions must be easily available/accessible to the public – i.e. be available for purchase or download in retail or e-commerce outlets.
  5. Previously submitted work and reissues are not eligible.
  6. Posthumous submissions will not be accepted – all artists/authors must be alive at the time of submissions.
  7. All submissions must be in English or French language or be eligible, either originally or in translation (in the case of translation, all other eligibility criteria apply to original author and not translator).
  8. Edited volumes will not be eligible.
  9. All books/e-books must carry an ISBN number.
  10. No self-published books shall be eligible (that is, titles authored by any senior officer of the book’s publishing firm and/or books underwritten in part or in whole by the author).

Entry Guidelines

  1. Five (5) hard copies of each submission must be mailed or couriered to:
    Vine Awards Submissions
    Koffler Centre of the Arts
    180 Shaw Street, Suite 104-105
    Toronto, ON, M6J 2W5
  2. Completed entry form
  3. A PDF of submitted title (e-mailed to:
  4. A current author biography
  5. A high resolution jpeg of the author
  6. A high resolution jpeg of the book cover
  7. $50 entry fee per title submitted (VISA, MasterCard, cash and cheques are accepted. Cheques can be made out to the Koffler Centre of the Arts) *Please note for books being sent from outside of Canada that the Koffler is not responsible for the cost of shipping, customs or duty. Should a package arrive with customs or duty owing, it will be declined and returned to sender. Please ensure that all fees are pre-paid upon sending.
  8. Books will be considered in one category only – please consider carefully the category in which your submission belongs. Final categorization will be determined by the jury.
  9. Submission deadline: January 31, 2020.

Categories and Prizes

A prize of $10,000 will be awarded to authors in the following categories:

  1. Fiction: A novel, short-story collection, short story or graphic novel of exemplary literary merit that is fictional.
  2. Non-Fiction: Biography, memoir, autobiography, graphic novel, short story, collection of short stories, or other prose writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people.
  3. Poetry: A collection or single piece of writing composed in verse.*
  4. Young Adult/Children’s Literature: Poetry or prose composed for readers under 16.
  5. History: A fiction or non-fiction work about a historical experience.

* Poetry is awarded every three years. Poetry from 2019-2021 can be submitted; the next Poetry prize will be awarded in 2022. 

Submission deadline: JANUARY 31, 2020

Questions? Please contact: 
Mary Anderson
Producer/Coordinator/Programmer, Public Programs
647.925.0643 x227