May 25 – June 14, 2015 | Open Daily 8 AM – 9 PM | FREE
1st Floor Hallway Gallery & Vitrines |  Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street

Presented by the Koffler Gallery together with Givins/Shaw Junior Public School, Stranger than Fiction questions our use of photography as a tool for understanding history. What “truth” can a photograph really tell us? And when, in our reading of an image, does “fact” become irrelevant and fiction take over?

Evocative photos culled from the archives of Givins/Shaw serve as source material for the school’s current grade 3, 4, 5, and 6 students to reflect on the site’s past. What stories –both possible and impossible– may have transpired there? What personalities –remarkable and unremarkable– might have graced its halls?

In asking more than one student to respond to the same image, multiple narratives emerge. Some narratives are rooted in known facts about the school, or in plausible assumptions about the photographs captured there. Others are the stuff of fantasy, and combine a familiar place with characters and events that could only ever be imagined by a child.

The students’ attribution of varying dates, image captions, narratives and voices sheds light on their own unique personalities as much as they illuminate the images themselves. With playfulness, humour and heart, the students highlight the subjective nature of photography as a means of understanding the people, places and events that predate us.