Sidura Ludwig, You Are Not What We Expected

Published by House of Anansi
“Storytelling with a heartbreaking comedic sense of timing that captures the resonance of powerful moments… Ludwig’s short-clipped understated prose is by turns surprising, touching, funny, beautiful, and sad.” – Vine Awards Jury


Sharon Kirsch, The Smallest Objective

Published by New Star Books
“With poetic prose, and a proclivity for listings of things, Kirsch has a microscopic attention to detail that matches the theme of objects put under scrutiny to divine secrets. This writing has a way of hinting at the ineffable and drawing synaptic connections that reveal a real playfulness and love of words.”  – Vine Awards Jury


Myriam Steinberg, illustrations by Christache, Catalogue Baby: A Memoir of (In)fertility

Published by Page Two Books
“A riveting graphic novel/memoir on infertility. Steinberg leads the reader through the emotional and physical roller coaster of getting pregnant — the highs and lows, her body endlessly prodded and tested, repeated success and rejection, decision-making dilemmas, mixed feelings of failure and self-doubt — all underpinned by humour and determination.” – Vine Awards Jury


Gordon Korman, War Stories

Published by Scholastic Canada
“Brings WWII history to life in an engaging way that is accessible for younger readers without glamourizing or sugar-coating the horrors of war… Here are dramatic action-pact scenes with life-and-death stakes, the random luck of survival, narrative tension building to a confrontation undercut with the threat of violence, and a younger generation who must come to terms with the past.”  – Vine Awards Jury

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