Illustrator, designer and recent graduate of OCAD University's Masters of Inclusive Design program, Yu Zhang documents a quiet Sunday in Koffler Gallery. Yu takes us on a tour of the Artscape-Youngplace building, as well as provides a brief study of her favourite piece featured in His and Other Stories, by multidisciplinary artist 2Fik.


The cafe on the mezzanine of Artscape-Youngplace is uncharacteristically dark and quiet. Something about the chairs being upside down and their legs in the air is alluring.


This is somewhat of a secret corridor in Artscape-Youngplace. If you happen to find it, you’ll see that the only two colours in this space come from the white floors and walls and the pink railings. It reminds me of my bedroom as a little girl.


This wall of profiles, belonging to artist 2Fik’s characters found in His and Other Stories, manage to draw a lot of people into the gallery. The connections between each character are apparent from just looking at their photos (well, they are the same person, after all!) and then even more once reading their biographies and complicated histories


Players on the Floor (detail pictured) is one of favourite photographs by 2Fik. I love the sunlight coming in from the window–I imagine that it is a warm Sunday afternoon like this very one. The children playing on the floor seem peaceful, in spite of the political subtext of the photograph. The oranges, browns, and blues all blend together so well and the movements of the children feel dynamic.


Koffler Gallery is quite lucky to be located in this beautiful building. Visiting the gallery instantly becomes a greater excursion and an opportunity to explore the hallways and corridors of Artscape-Youngplace.

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