Throughout the 2016/2017 academic year, students enrolled in Think Tank | Awareness, an interdisciplinary course offered by OCAD University, examined the social condition of where and how we live in the context of significant, intelligent, and sustainable design. Students considered the responsibility the designer has to society and the critical factors in shaping behaviour and turning research and perception into action. Strategies for change were channeled into potential project solutions in this course through the research, discussion, and debate of current societal issues.

Students were asked to imagine the following:  A technologically more advanced alien race finds earth and decides to help us out. The "help" comes in the form of the eradication of one global plight. Students imagined the consequences--both positive and negative--of the elimination of  a harmful object, an environmental hazard, an entire industry, or a particular political movement.


Pablo Arias, Christopher Campacci, Jesse Chan, Aiya Drebika, Yasmine Elammari, Dominika Grzesik, Jaime Hilditch, Shiemara Hogarth, Laura Johnson, Nomi Juhasz, Rajetha Kalatharan, Alyson Kennedy, Naaz Mubarak, Lydia Park, Purvangi Patel, Maya Price-Baker, Cecilia Salcedo Guevara, Olivia Solodko, Skye Stutt, Sara Syme, Olivia Tomassetti, Kevin, Valladares Dono, Zana Wensel, Yasmine Moghimi, Hanna Steingrimsdottir, Daniel Martinez, Emma Bishop, Evin Jennings, Donya Aref, Akash Inbakumar, Fatima Riaz, Kristina Lebitania, Nick, Patrick Canete, Taryn O’Grady, Taha Adamjee, Umber Bhatti, Nash Escalada

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