The Koffler Centre of the Arts has had many conversations with artists, audiences and stakeholders in recent weeks. As a public arts institution, we value our relationships with the artistic and broader communities we serve, and appreciate the opportunity for dialogue.

As a Jewish organization and multidisciplinary cultural platform, we strive to foster social justice, equality and cross-cultural dialogue through the arts. We demonstrate this commitment through our curatorial choices, programming partnerships, employment equity and Board recruitment strategies. 

We can state unequivocally that the Koffler is committed to:
  • Providing a platform for artists of all cultural backgrounds to explore complex issues openly and respectfully;
  • Actively opposing censorship and welcoming diverse cultural, social and political perspectives in our programming; 
  • Continuing to present the artistic work of traditionally underrepresented artists, including Palestinian artists;
  • Creating a welcoming, safe space for artists and audiences of all communities.

Equity is a continuous, proactive process of listening, learning and changing. With this in mind, the Koffler’s Board, Gallery Advisory Committee and Staff are engaging in a comprehensive strategic planning process to ensure our policies and practices fully align with our mission and equity goals. We welcome and will facilitate opportunities for community dialogue throughout this process.

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