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Dear Koffler Friends,

We miss seeing you and making art together in the gallery, but just because we can’t connect in person doesn’t mean we can’t keep sharing!

Art Bursts: Prompts for Creativity in Isolation is a project created by the Koffler Gallery Education Team to encourage young artists and their families to keep creating and connecting from home.

Prompts were inspired by artists like Yoko Ono, Corita Kent, and Lynda Barry – artists who draw inspiration from the everyday to create new meaning and poetry out of the ordinary. The prompts can be interpreted freely (there is no right or wrong answer!) and completed using any materials or media you have on hand – paper, pencil, crayon, marker, magazine collage, paint, photo, digital, or anything else you can think of. Now is a great time to try out something new to you – if you’ve been mastering your skills in drawing with pencil, you might try your hand at watercolour, photography, or sculpture.

Here’s how you can participate in the project with us: 

Step 1: Visit us on Instagram at @kofflerarts or @koffler.education to access and complete the prompts. New prompts will be posted as stories every Wednesday. Prompts from previous weeks will be accessible as highlighted stories on both accounts.  

Step 2: Email your completed prompts to galleryeducation@kofflerarts.org with your first name, age, and the title of your work, and we will post them to the @koffler.education Instagram page.

Step 3: Follow @koffler.education to see what other artists are submitting. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Be well, take care and stay connected,

Koffler Education Team
Francis Tomkins, Dainesha Nugent-Palache and Patricia Ritacca
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