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Dear Koffler Friends, 

In 2019 Koffler.Digital launched its most ambitious project yet, There are Times and Places, a virtual exhibition featuring commissioned works by a diverse group of multidisciplinary artists, including asinnajaqDayna DangerCoco GuzmanMani Mazinani and Wuulhu, as well as an accompanying exhibition essay by Emma Steen.

Informed by recent scholarship that reconsiders ways of viewing and engaging with one another on the Internet – a both welcome and exhausting phenomenon in our COVID-19 realities – There are Times and Places investigates how we interact socially and intellectually in the digital world, where we find community, and what kind of meaning these virtual sites offers each of us.

The uncertainty that shrouded the rise of the Internet-age in the mid 1990s, for those who remember it, feels eerily familiar in this unpredictable moment in time. The effects COVID-19 will have on culture, commerce, technology and social interaction may prompt us, once again, to consult Metis Cree Canadian film director and writer Loretta Todd who posed the question that inspired There are Times and Places: “What ideology will have agency in cyberspace?” More directly, how will we use the Internet – in this moment and beyond – to form community, expand identities, share knowledge and care for one another?

I hope this project and these individual works offer you some solace, and that you are taking care of one another and yourselves, as much as one can.

Letticia Cosbert Miller
Director, Koffler.Digital
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